The quality of the feedstock is decisive for the quality of the final manufactured part. What makes a high quality feedstock?

  • In terms of the part, the feedstock should ensure that the powder particles have a high, uniform packing density. The mould shrinkage must be uniform and reproducible and the part must maintain the highest dimensional stability both during and after the sintering process.
  • The operator of the injection moulding machine requires a feedstock in perfect granular form, which has finishing properties that do not change, even during long, continuous production times.
  • A high "green" stability is desirable for the subsequent processes while still enabling a debinding technique that is simple and environmentally friendly.

A feedstock that has a homogeneous distribution of ceramic powder and plasticising binder fulfils these demands. Ideally, each individual powder particle should be coated with a binder layer.

INMATEC Technologies guarantees this homogeneity with a special compounding process combined with our assurance of ongoing quality.

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