INMATEC Technologies GmbH adds plastic binders - which soften when heated - to the ceramic powders. The obtained material, now called “feedstock”, is then injected into the mould in the injection moulding machine. The part, called the “green” part, is ejected from the mould in a dimensionally stable form. After debinding – the removal of the plastic binder, the “brown” part is sintered densely in a furnace.

The decisive advantage of powder injection moulding is that the shape of the part is then already very close to the final result. This means that extensive and costly finishing processes are usually unnecessary, even in the case of parts with highly complex geometries. Mass production is feasible at highest quality. By using standard injection moulding machines and automatic handling systems for the parts, the production process can be automated to a high degree.

Injection moulding is widely used in the plastic industry to produce complex and intricate components – INMATEC Technologies GmbH makes it possible for ceramics.

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