SHAPING | Extrusion

The extrusion of ceramics is known as a classic shaping process.

The feedstocks of INMATEC Technologies GmbH can be processed by heat input on common double-screw extruders. The material is conveyed and compacted with wear-resistant screws. This continuous process is advantageous for a part production in large quantities.

The extruded green parts are debinded, the binder is removed. Subsequently the brown part is sintered in sintering furnaces.

Extrusion of ceramic water-based masses has a long tradition but demands made to parts and tolerances are steady increasing. High-quality parts need high-quality feedstocks.

INMATEC Technologies GmbH processes high-tech powders of technical ceramics with thermoplastic binders to homogeneous granulates.

These ceramic feedstocks open us new dimensions in the shaping tradition of extrusion.

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