SHAPING | Injection Moulding

The ceramic injection moulding process is comparable to the plastics injection moulding. The same machines are used. Ceramic material is very abrasive. Contaminations can be avoided by using wear resistant plastification units and injection nozzles or moulds made from hardened or coated steel. Mould cavities can be produced from hard metal.

The thermoplastic feedstock is injected into the mould with approx. 160°C. After the cooling time the stable part (named "green part") is ejected. After the debinding, the removal of the binder, the "brown part" is sintered in a sintering furnace.

The key advantage of the ceramic injection moulding is the near-net-shape geometry of challenging parts. Often the expensive post processing is not needed for complex geometries and close tolerances. Large part quantities can be produced with the highest quality. By using standard injection moulding machines and robot handlings the process is nearly fully automatable.

The injection moulding of challenging parts is widely-used in the plastics industry – INMATEC Technologies GmbH makes it possible in ceramics!

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