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INMAFEED feedstocks are based on the Embemould® binder system. This binder system has proven its value over many years and can be removed – de-bound – easily in a two-stage, environmentally friendly process.


Innovative INMAFLOW feedstocks with the polyamide-based binder system developed by INMATEC are characterised by good flow properties. This makes them also suitable for the production of ceramic filaments used in additive manufacturing.


A proprietary system, INMAPOM expands the portfolio by adding feedstocks with a polyacetal-based binder system (POM). They are easy to process, highly stable and can be debindered in a simple, single-stage catalytic process.


Selected ceramic powders with special properties are processed into INMATEC’s speciality feedstocks. These can be made with different binder systems on demand at any time. Compared to customised products, time and costs can be saved as proven recipes are applied.


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Do you want to pursue your idea of a ceramic material? Will you need a special feedstock for your application? Can we act as your material consultant when visiting customers?

We would be happy to accompany and advise you. Our experienced sales team is at your disposal during material selection, feedstock production and in the development of tools and processes.